Elegant Letters, Issue #9 Elegant Expressions

How are you? I hope you have been well.

This month we are focusing on ‘elegant expressions’.

One day I caught myself on the video camera exhibiting a slightly
nervous and anxious expression. I did not realize how much it
shows even when I thought I hid my feeling very well.

My emotions show up in other subtle ways. For instance, slight
fidgeting, the need to rush etc. Then I stumble, get stressed,
lose my things…ah, the beginnings of an inelegant woman.

So for the month of September, I’ve re-wrote ‘The elegant
countenance’. In my research, I explored how elegant women have a calm and elegant look at all times..

If you watch America’s Next Top Model like I do sometimes, you’ll hear Tyra Banks talking about the ‘face’ and thoughts. She explains that in your mind, you have to be thinking about something for your face to give an expression, even if is just smiling with your eyes. Most of us don’t realize how expressive our faces are.

Here is a snippet of the page ‘A Beautiful and Elegant Countenance’.

The thought-life behind a beautiful and elegant countenance is an
elegant spirit. These are the *very first steps to Elegance*.

What do you wear on your face?

What kind of face do you deserve?

What does your face say about you?

Some of those questions might sound a little startling, but it was
meant to drive in a point… that you can grow in beauty and
elegance, just in case you are feeling a little hopeless and

Not everyone is born with great looks, but everyone can become a
gentle and elegant spirit, to look at others with kind eyes and
literally grow beautiful.


They do so by influencing their countenance.

“Countenance”, is defined as “a person’s face or facial
expression”. I think it’s best described as your face when you are
in ‘limbo’. It is the face and expression you wear when you are
walking by yourself to the mall, or when you’re driving or waiting
for a bus. You might just be standing around at a party, not
knowing anyone and waiting for your friend to arrive.

That is why some people come across as approachable and nice. They do
not have to wear or carry designer labels to have a refined look.
They look pleasant, intelligent, classy and confident. You do not
even have to ask, you’ll know.

What does ‘influencing your countenance’ mean?

How does a lady gain a beautiful and elegant countenance?

First we have to understand that your ‘countenance is a form of

Your Countenance is A Form of Communication.

Facial expressions and countenances gives out different vibes.

Most people aren’t aware that their thoughts, feelings, moods,
emotions show up on their face. It is their facial expression
during ‘limbo’ mode. All these make up your ‘countenance’.

While we cannot control other people’s countenance, we can
influence ours.

We Can Grow Beautiful

Our desires to grow beautiful can manifest when we have an elegant
countenance because that comes from within. Strangely, inner
beauty becomes outer beauty and this beauty is everlasting.
It goes beyond powerful make up.

Continue reading here…
A Beautiful And Elegant Countenance.

Alright, until next time!

I wish you love and peace for you and your family.

Thanks for reading!

Have an elegant month ahead. xoxo

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