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Elegant Letters, Issue #31 How to have yummy breath

Warmest greetings in the month of July!

Elegant Lesson #31 – An elegant woman has yummy fresh breath

For a couple of years now, I’ve been carefully studying my teeth. And breath. And the whole deal of dental hygiene. Did you know that it takes more than brushing your teeth twice a day?

I’m not sure who taught you first how to brush your teeth or floss or rinse with mouth wash. Was it your mother? Was it school?

Anyway, I wasn’t one of those who had it all taught to me. The earliest memory of brushing teeth was when I was given a mug, a tooth brush and everyone in school (I think we were about 3 then) squat over a drain and practised brushing.

The importance of dental hygiene isn’t just about keeping your teeth forever, but it is also about having a great smile, yummy breath and confidence!

Tooth Soap!

How to Have Yummy Breath

Do you know what causes bad breath?

Do you know that relying on Fresh breath drops may actually cause your breath to get worse in the long run?

Reasons That Your Breath Should be Yummy

  1. You’ll have more confidence, especially up close and personal.
  2. You’ll have a brighter million dollar smile. (Why should celebrities have all the fun?)
  3. Your teeth will be healthier.
  4. It is for the sake of good health.
  5. You’ll be a more kissable person.
  6. You’ll bear just one more mark of an elegant person!

For more tips on how to have a yummy breath, please see this page 10 Tips for Fresh Breath –
How not to rely on Fresh breath drops

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