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Elegant Letters, Issue #30 Bridging the Gap of Class Distinctions

This is about bridging the gaps of class distinctions as documented by The Up Series Documentary, as its findings show how unfortunately equal opportunities do not exist…

Warmest greetings in the month of June!

I was going to write from New York, but life got too busy for work and family. Being in the USA is awesome, because I’ve managed to obtain rare out-of-print books or books that don’t get published in the USA. Having the widest access on the Kindle is great too.

Today I want to talk about or recommend a documentary that you may or may not feel that it is related to elegance. I think it is, but more from a self-reflective or parental standpoint (if you have children or is in a nurturing role to someone else). The The Up Series
documentary has been constantly voted Number 1 over the years.

I’ve been wanting to write about this documentary for a long time. It took me really long to watch re-runs, transcribe and take notes in the library in Singapore since it is a protected copy, which means, you can’t take it out and you have to book viewings. None of the stores here sell it here. It didn’t help that this documentary has multiple discs!

Thankfully, I managed to get its transcripts in New York in this book 42 Up: ‘Give Me the Child Until He Is Seven and I Will Show You the Man’ (7 Up Film Series)


This series of documentary films began in 1964 where 14 seven year old boys and girls from all walks of British life were filmed to test the aphorism, “Give me the child until he is seven, and I will show you the man.”

This series, chronicling their successes and failures, fears and dreams, is one of the greatest-and most fascinating-longitudinal studies of all time. In other words, it tried to answer, “Did everybody have a fair chance, or did the accident of birth bring power, wealth and success?”

Of course, there is no right or wrong answer. Everyone interprets the findings in their own way, after watching the film.

Why do I Recommend this Documentary

Besides the fun and light articles on elegantwoman.org on planning a party, make up, decorating … the underlying purpose of most articles is give more confidence to the ordinary woman and to bridge that gap with those we think has more opportunities than us. It is to show that by making a focused and educated change, there can be greater social mobility and we can all overcome obstacles, defying limitations of financial background and upbringing.

This documentary shows you how upbringing, money, environment influences a child all the way to his/her adult life, while elegantwoman.org exists to bridge that gap.

I hope you have a chance to view it! Please
contribute your thoughts
(I only have time to read published content)
after you have watched the documentary.

This is the full series:

The Up Series (Seven Up / 7 Plus Seven / 21 Up / 28 Up / 35 Up / 42 Up / 49 Up)

This is the extremely condensed version:

49 Up

Much love,

P.s. I tweet randomly about what’s happening in my life on twitter (which may not be related to elegance) and Facebook. While I’m busy reading, researching, planning and writing pages on elegantwoman.org.

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