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Elegant Letters, Issue #17 Becoming a Woman of the Finest Class

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Becoming a Woman of the Finest Class book is out!

To go through this life with good manners possessed,
Is to be kind unto all, rich, poor and oppressed,
For kindness and mercy are balms that will heal
The sorrows, the pains, and the woes that we feel.”
– John H. Young, 1881

First of all, thank you everyone for your patience! My second book is finally here! I wanted all of you here who had subscribed to Elegant Letters to be the first to know.

Becoming A Woman of the Finest Class

I’m excited to present to you my second book, ‘Becoming a Woman of the Finest Class’- A Guide to Class and Refinement


We may celebrate the diminishing social class system, but genteel manners are forgotten; gallantry and chivalry are abandoned.

However, there still exists an old ruling class who continue to operate with the same values, deportment and traditions. One can’t help but admire the dignified and respectful way they conduct their lives. Even though they may no longer have their original fortunes, they continue to live gracefully. They are a society of the finest class.

In Becoming a Woman of the Finest Class the author presents a study of how one can acquire a similar appearance of gentility and finesse. She draws from her studies of the history of civilisation, nobility and aristocracy, and observations of the modern elite, to explore and dissect the mysterious qualities of class.

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