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Elegant Letters, Issue #14 The History and Culture of Elegance – What we can learn from the past

“A girl with neatly and properly dressed feet, wth neat, well-fitting gloves, smoothly arranged hair, and a clean, well-made dress, who walks well, and speaks well, and above all, acts politely and kindly, is a lady, and no wealth is required here.” – The Lady’s Book of Manners, originally published in 1890s

A Personal Note

Hello everyone!

First of all, how is the new year treating you? I hope you have established some sort of routine to help you take an active approach to attaining your wants in life.

Secondly, happy Valentine’s day! I don’t believe they are just for lovers, they are for family and friends. Sometimes we don’t get more enough opportunity to tell the ones we love that we love them!

My Research On Elegance and Genteel Refinement


I just got back from a big trip travelling to Japan where I studied its elegant culture and the mystery of the Geisha
, whose life is devoted to art and beauty.


Then I headed around Europe, to Switzerland to meet with someone in Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne to secure
an interview one of the most well-known professors of the hospitality industry (i.e. top notch hotels and restaurants) in, on how to preserve the deportment and manner (not manners) of ladies and gentlemen. I can’t name names just yet, but he was involved in training the staff of the Queen of England.
I suppose there is no room for sloppiness if you are serving the queen. He was very generous and welcomed me to his personal library and give me a booklist, which I will be studying for the work on elegantwoman.org!


I then went to Paris to meet up with a few people, one who studies the ‘history and act of civilisation‘ and how it all happened. I wanted to find and dive deeper into the story and the origins of refinement. What better place to do this than in France?


And my last stop was in London where I spent my days searching old out-of-print books on the matters of ‘class‘ as well as on the genteel arts of “how to live” as practised by the elite and nobility of that day.

The Hunt For Old Books

I have this personal belief that the reason the ‘elegant age’ are in the past 150 years i.e. the times where everything was more elegant, is because primarily, life was a lot simpler. There was more time to
think, read to obtain knowledge and cultivate valuable habits and skills.

Elegance is also very much related to philosophy, which is why more than half my Twitter and Facebook updates are on inspirational quotes on elegance and life.

There’s so much work to do! Sometimes I wonder whether it is all worth it, because it may be hard for you to believe but I have days where I wonder if the study of these elegance and refinement
are just one big frivolous dream. What are the rewards? They are really personal, driven by passion. And the want to archive and preserve the things that were once not accessible to ‘normal people’ like us.

Valentino’s Iconic Dresses Exhibit

I had the opportunity to go view Valentino’s iconic dresses of the century and I shared some of the images on Facebook. They are beautiful elegant works of art! Click here to look
at Valentino’s Elegant Dresses.

Okay, have a lovely rest of the week! Thanks for reading!

Shalom, peace with you.

Other Resources At ElegantWoman.org

Secrets of Elegance Book

Ebooks can be purchased from https://elegantwoman.org/shop and the Secrets of Elegance PAPERBACK can be purchased on Lulu.com or by clicking the button below.

Classy First Steps Ecourse

A basic, beginners and introductory course on to Classiness, the art of being classy and how to be classy.

By studying and analyzing the Pedigree woman, then we will learn to achieve the same classy style and mannerisms by breaking lessons down to actionable steps.

How to attain classiness in dressing and mannerisms. Classy First Steps

Fascinating Womanhood Ecourse

E-course based on the book Fascinating Womanhood which teaches you to master your marriage and relationships. I’m a firm believer that this is one of the cornerstones to elegance.
Fascinating Womanhood ecourse

Thank you for reading ‘Elegant Letters Issue 14’!

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