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Elegant Letters, Issue #009A What’s Your Favourite Article On Elegantwoman.org?

Hi everyone,

I have a little request and “contest” for you. This is a little unusual but I thought it’ll be fun.

Do you have a blog or a website? If you do, tell me about what your favourite article on elegantwoman.org is via your blog-website and receive a complimentary copy of my ebook “Secrets of Elegance”.

This is what you do:

For Bloggers/Website Owners

Simply write on your blog about your most favorite article on elegantwoman.org, then send me the LINK of that post via this contact form.

(Remember to include that “link to your favourite page” to your post so I’ll know what it is!)

Tell me why it spoke to you, or how it has impacted your life or any other reasons of why it is your favourite. You can even write about why you would recommend this website to your friends.

Don’t have a blog? Offer to write a guest post on a friend’s blog, write a facebook note or on our Elegantwoman.org’s Facebook Page.

Not so much a writer?

How about recording yourself and talking into your camera phone for a couple of minutes? Post that video on youtube.com and send me that link.

For every entry that genuinely meets the above conditions, you’ll receive a copy of “Secrets of Elegance” once I’ve reviewed your post! It will be emailed to you. Which, will take about one to two weeks depending on the number of entries submitted. Those spammers will not qualify. I’m only looking for genuine entries.

It is my desire to get to “meet” you on a personal level and hear your thoughts on specific articles. That way, I’ll really know what is in your heart and how I can better focus my articles and research more efficiently on Elegantwoman.org.

Remember, do not email me long emails, or enter it all in the contact form. Only a links to your post, website or videos in the contact form would suffice.

I look forward to hearing and reading from you!

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