Elegant Letters, Issue #007 Luxury Redefined

It’s been getting nice and warm here in California, and I enjoy going for dips in the pool with Colin. Recently, I’ve been learning how to redefine luxury and what now means to me. (See the three ‘redefinitions’ below.)

I recently posted on our Facebook page this precious quote,

Luxury is not about glamour. Luxury is about beauty in ordinary life. It’s about great power in small things.

(adapted and modified from writer, Debra Olivier)

A couple of quotes before that, I wrote on my Twitter how I’ve been learning that discipline and elegance go hand in hand much more than I’ve realized. To be elegant takes discipline.

My exact tweet was, “ I’m only beginning to fully comprehend the concept, ‘less is more’ and how it relates to elegance.”

And how Bridgette Marie Williams nailed it in her reply, “Less is more requires discernment and discipline–qualities not easy to cultivate if you happen to be in the states. However, it can be managed–and when applied to the home can contribute to a serene atmosphere.

So for the whole month of June, and since I wrote to you, I’ve been practicing these concepts in my head.

1) Enjoy to the fullest all the small little things.

It helps me appreciate what I have and dispel the feeling of wanting more.

I take time to enjoy a lovely afternoon, a long chat with a friend on the phone, a glass of red wine in the evenings.

2) Less is more!

Instead of accumulating, I eliminate. I give away things that I have multiples of, books I will not read again and never let junk like plastic bags, advertisements, promotional goods make it to the house. I just say no, thank you or don’t take them.

As far as I have started to define my own elegant style, I realize I shop less and I’m very happy with what I’ve got. A real achievement if you met me 15 years ago. 🙂

I’ve also opened my mind to the concept of ‘make do’ and things that serve multi purpose! Like my light grey casual elegant handbag that works with all my outfits on a casual day.

Having less things help you love and appreciate what you have. I think I finally get it.

3) Discipline is essential to elegance.

This is true for everything. From the upkeep of your grooming, the effort to speak properly and clearly, from the way you communicate to your work ethic.

My understanding that if you employ discipline initially, it gets easier as time goes by – it becomes a habit, a way of life.

These three little concepts and my ‘redefinition’ of luxury has definitely kept my private thought life occupied. It has definitely inspired my ‘new approach’ to life.

Hope you enjoyed this little sharing.

Thanks for reading!

Have an elegant July. xoxo


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