Elegant Home Lighting – How To Make Your Home Elegant


Elegant home lighting – How do you create an elegant atmosphere in your home? The answer is in home decor lighting. Also known as home accent lighting or home lighting design, here are some tricks of the elegant trade.

Home lighting design is often overlooked. The most beautiful furniture and walls will look bland if there is not sufficient light, or too much life. Dark spots in a home can cause the home atmosphere to look glooming.

Planning and putting extra thought into home lighting can make a world of a difference. It not necessarily is expensive as well.

Here are some quick tips.

When Shopping For Elegant Home Lighting

  1. Choose good quality bulbs with efficient electricity use (this causes savings in your bill and you’ll save the environment too).
  2. Pick warm lighting instead of fluorescent.
  3. Refrain from having too many lights and do not have any lighting in the middle of the ceiling above your room (unless it’s a chandelier).
  4. Instead opt for having multiple light sources, lamps on the table, floor lamps, a couple of candles and one lighting feature such as a chandelier.
  5. How many lights you need? It depends on the size of the room. Avoid clutter.
  6. Pay attention to wires and try to hide them. Make sure there are no potential accidents for tripping.
  7. Remember lamps make part of the colour scheme in the home. If in doubt, choose simple shapes with neutral colours.

Here are some pictures to illustrate elegant home lighting

Elegant Home Decor: Natural Lighting

Elegant Lighting Design first startrs with natural lighting in mind.


To minimize using of electricity as well as to save the planet earth, choose big windows for natural sunlight to come in. Natural sunlight is always beautiful and more beautiful than any artificial light.

Nothing is worse than having to turn on the a couple of lights in the afternoon when you have your girlfriends over for tea.


Use Cosy Table Lamps and Standing Lamps

Table lamps and standing lamps are the epitome of elegant home lighting. Just look into the lobby of any elegant hotel…

Table lamps and standing lamps give your home a more relaxed and well-loved feeling, even though they can be cumbersome sometimes.

Have a couple in your house, at least one in each room. Place them next to your reading chair, or the most convenient location.

Remember to choose energy efficient bulbs!


Get it – French Colonial Buffet Lamp – Style 34892


Store ideas from magazines or the internet in the file. Refer to them before going shopping.

Although I usually prefer classic styles, a very chic look is a modern sophisticated elegance. Such as this home office style by james Merrell. He uses an unconventional red colour and matches his lamp to his chair.


Home Decor and Lighting: Chandeliers

Though these elegant home-lightings are traditional, there are many modern designs that do not look as fussy as the traditional ones.

I especially love this one.


See more chandeliers

A popular favorite is to hang them above the dining table, setting a intimate atmosphere for your dinner parties. Another favorite place to put them is over the living area. If you space-challenged, choose a smaller sized chandelier and limit to having only one.


This picture is from where you can get many many useful tips!

Home Lighting Design

The key to remember here is more than ‘one lighting’ is used to create an elegant effect. Elegance in home lighting design relies on the combinations of carefully selected lighting sources.

While we can add a lamp or two to give a warm glow to any room, always remember to start with ‘natural’ light in mind and the kind of activity you’ll be doing in the room. Because that will determine how much light you need!


Check out my page on Elegant Bathroom Lighting

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And a elegant lighting for a Southern theme


Use of Outdoor Home Lighting for Elegance


I was blown away by this elegant home lighting website, elegantoutdoorlighting.com The big difference your home looks with professional and artistic lighting design and installation!

It is also practical. Owners do not have to tumble over the steps in the dark. Besides, it also gives a warm glow to the house and garden, highlights architectural features etc.

“We create a lighting portrait.” – Lighting expert

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

  • Outdoor areas and rooms are an extension of your living space. Make the best use of them!

  • Create a Resort Feel in your backyard and view your beautiful landscape from inside your home.
  • Add Depth and Texture to your home at night using Architectural Lighting.
  • Safe Pathways for your guests and family as well as safety near steps and handrails.
  • Providing the Perfect Setting for romantic evenings and outdoor party lighting.
  • Get help from specialists at Elegant Outdoor Lighting

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