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The Elegant Hair Styles Gallery

elegant hair styles

A gallery of elegant hair styles. Same principles apply, together, clean and clear with hair off the face. See the elegant collection of elegant glamorous hairstyles.

The principles of elegance in hairstyles are fairly simple. Elegant women sport the ‘clean and clear’ look. Meaning, her hair looks clean,
it is clear … away from her face. Her face shines when she communicates because you can see her eyes, her smile, and you are not distracted by flyaway hairs, sweeping fringes. She does
not have a sleepy look.

It is also neat. She does not look like she got out of bed, or that she got dressed in a hurry,

To see these principles of elegant hair in place, I’ve compiled a collection of Elegant Hair Styles. They are sourced from the web. I’ve also taken the liberty of updating our Elegant Woman Facebook photo albums (which is much easier to update).

So I hope you enjoy these pictures of elegant inspirations, whether you want a classic, chic, glamorous or refined and dignified look.

Elegant Hair Styles For Long Hair

The fun part about having long hair is that you can wear it in so many ways. I like to add a little fringe or bangs to mix it up a little.

From left to right, top to bottom:

You can

1. straighten it,

2. crimp your hair a little to have a wavy effect,

3. spend some time blowing out your hair with the use of hairspray,

4. wear a cute hat leaving hair over your ears framing your face,

5. curl it, add a little hair band or hair accessory,

6. pull back into a chic ponytail.

Elegant Short-to-Medium Hair

I feel with short to medium hair, you can still wear it up in a little bun, or a hair piece bun which you can attach to you head.

But my absolute favorite is in beautiful soft elegant curls, as I’ve shown you in this picture below.

elegant hair styles

I took this picture from a magazine while I was getting my hair done, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere else. It is an advertisement from Dior.

Elegant Hair For ‘Everyday’ Wear

If you can pull your hair back in a bun, you can consider wearing your hair up. See also Elegant Updos.

Although this was more commonly practiced about twenty years ago, I still feel that it is one of the more elegant ways of presenting yourself. There is a certain something in a woman who wears her hair up elegantly which gives her poise.

It increases the elegant factor in your look, even if you already have excellent personal grooming.

Check out my compilation of video tutorials on how to do a classic french twist or bun. I’ve picked out the simple ones that you can do in under ten minutes.

More Elegant Hairstyles

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