The Elegant Dresses Collection

A collection of elegant and classic dresses for personal inspiration.

I simply love elegant dresses. I could wear them all day.

These beautiful classic dresses are like a faithful old friend when I don’t have the time or opportunity to shop.

And best of all, they are timeless. They will never go out of style.

So I’ve indulged myself and put together a visual collection of a few things I own in my wardrobe as well as what I’ll like to have. Enjoy!

My Favorite Elegant Classic Dresses

Classic Navy Dress

Easy to wear in the afternoons and evening. Match with your classic cream coat.

Ruffles are lovely and adorable.

This ensemble is absolutely perfect for the evening. I personally wear a lot of ruffles but in a less-girlish way.

The sophisticated but simple outline

I am drawn towards outlines. I think it accentuates the shape of my body and gives me the illusion of height. I also love the contrast of two colors.

Little sleeveless dresses can be worn day and night.

Add variety to your wardrobe of this type of elegant dresses by obtaining variations of the details of the dress. Sort by material, collars, length of dress, colours, prints or colour blocks.

Smart looking collar dresses

A Flowy hanging dress that unites with a belt

I think accentuating the waist is very beautiful.

Two-tone Color Contrasts

Classically elegant with a twist.

Another example of a two-tone beauty

Greys and floppy sleeves

Soft Grey is a beautiful elegant colour. Floppy sleeves also bring attention to your wrists and have a slimming effect on your arms.

Polka dots

The White and Creme Outfit

Suitable for everyday and you can wear it over and over. You can use it as a base to do different looks. It is the most versatile outfit of them all.

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