Chic Elegant Dresses

For our everyday life

Chic elegant dresses are a form of casual elegance. So I’ve put together this gallery of outfits that do not fit going to a formal event or to work.

Aside from work, most of our lives are filled with running errands, spending time together with family and friends, doing social things like having dinners, shopping and going to movies together.

These examples are my interpretations of elegance and chic. They inspire me not to opt for the common jeans and tee shirt.

A Casual Summer Look

Chic Dinner Party Outfit

Careless Construction Collection

Perfectly comfortable for running around and getting errands done. Looks carelessly constructed, yet very chic.

Elegant Woman & the City

Though this is not exactly a dress, it is very chic.

Daytime Pretty

Pastels & Cream

Polyvore.com is such a cool site. Though when I went in there to find things to illustrate The Elegant Woman, it turned out to be a job similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Sometimes I construct the entire set myself which is really time consuming!

I recommend you to use the site when you are building a new wardrobe. Visuals are so important! Makes notes to oneself.

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