An Elegant Bride’s Manners

elegant bride

An Elegant Bride’s Manners

elegant bride

I was going to write about planning an elegant wedding but I’ve realized there are a million other better sites on that topic.

So I decided to write about being an elegant bride.

Preparation is key for an elegant bride

Although some of us would not like to openly admit it, there is considerable pressure to look your best on your wedding day.

We don’t want to just look our best, we want to knock some socks off!

First, we have to work on our inner elegance, our mental poise, because the way we feel will project how we look!

Taking care of yourself means guarding your heart.

Some of us are committed not to put rubbish in our mouths to be healthy. If only we took care about what we ‘put into our heads’ with the same diligence!

Abstain from unwholesome reading/viewing material and bad news. Keep your contact with complainers to a minimum. (It’s hard but try!)

Start the day with a devotional, or a positive, inspirational book to set the right tone for the day (and the rest of your life).

What is in your heart will show up on your face. Eyes will be gentler, lovelier. We will be more prone to smile…our faces will have some kind of a ‘glory’.

Your Relationship

Don’t forget and neglect your future husband.

It is inevitable that when we get overwhelmed by all that planning to get frustrated.

  1. Keep the communication lines going.
  2. Pick your battles!
  3. As Kate Spade says, “It takes a lot of work just finding the right person, so go easy on yourself when it comes to the wedding itself.

  4. Remember the big picture.
  5. The marriage is more important on the wedding!

  6. Keep going dates with each other.

Consider Your Family

Your parents and siblings are going to be missing you. They usually feel as though they are losing you. Make more effort to remember that they are gaining one extra family member instead!

How To Be an Elegant Bride Socially

When you announce your engagement, don’t expect any one to jump up and scream in the same excitement as you.

Your family: Sometimes they could be sensitive towards your engagement because they have their reservations.

Your friends: While I believe most are genuinely happy for you, they sometimes feel their lack more keenly as they could be struggling in their relationships. It’s best not to try to cheer them up by overusing the cliche “your turn will come!”

How to be tasteful

I find it better to send a tasteful message or announcement for instance by a phone call and do so in a calm manner.

While wedding planning is exciting, we have to catch ourselves if we are being indulgent with all that talk about weddings.If you really need to talk about your wedding, find a person just as obsessed with wedding and you can go knock yourselves out.

An Elegant Bride’s Skin care

Sometimes wedding stress may cause you to break out. There are many reasons why you breakout.

It is important to maintain a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and water, as well as to sleep early and ensure enough sleep.

Care for your skin. Establish a skin care regime. If you don’t have one, start now! It is advisable to consult a dermatologist.

If your skin care regime is working for you, stick to it if you only have 6 months to the wedding! Using the wrong skincare product may cause breakouts!

Deportment, Poise, Posture of an Elegant Bride

Make a point to record visual examples of an elegant woman with perfect carriage and deportment. Note her posture, poise and gestures. Observe how she speaks. The first point of training is self-awarenness.

See also how to become graceful. And the qualities of a refined woman.

Mirror Exercise

Eat in front of the mirror. Talk, laugh, give a louder and heartier laugh. Walk towards yourself. Sit and stand in front of the mirror. Dance. Observe yourself, your volume, the way you smile, laugh, interact.

If you are not happy, correct, correct, correct until it becomes natural

Video-record Exercise

Get someone to record the way you speak, eat, laugh, giggle, smile, walk, sit and stand and general movements. Same as the above!

DVD Exercise

Pick out a few favourite women who moves gracefully, speak gently and conduct themselves and watch them over and over again. Let them inspire you. Play the DVD when you do housework, or when you are getting dressed etc. Let these visuals take over you and eventually you’ll start ‘channelling’ them. Imitation is the best way to learn. If you are good at acting, study these characters and play a character to get used to the qualities that you want.

The Elegant Bride Should Exercise

Exercise is a must for good posture, health and to sleep well. No one likes to do something they don’t like so if you hate running, forget about jogging and running for the sake of exercise. It’s already hard to will ourselves to exercise, let alone do something we do not like.

Find something you enjoy. The key is consistency and moving about. As we get older, we get busier but not necessarily means we are physically moving about. If I had my pedometer on me and I stay home and write ten pages on The Elegant Woman, I’m productive, but my pedometer shows only five hundred steps (we need ten thousand steps for general well being).

Perhaps, schedule a weekly tennis session with your best friends, a cycle with your children, get a dog so you can have company on your walks and meet other dog lovers. Do Pilates with your girlfriends, join a ballroom dance school etc.

Tips for An Elegant Bride


  • Your marriage is more important than your wedding
  • Thank you notes with some depth and detail about your appreciation to those who helped you at your wedding
  • Not to be a bridezilla. Deal with things calmly
  • Your wedding is about you but not all about you. It is about a celebration and a thanksgiving so appreciate your guests and try to make them feel comfortable.
  • Be kind, be kind, be kind. You are a beautiful gracious elegant bride!
Thank you for reading ‘An Elegant Bride’s Manners’!

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