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Welcome to Elegantwoman.org’s Elegant Bathrooms Gallery. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite bathroom inspiration and ideas.

I’ve featured some inspirational bathroom ideas.

When decorating, start with a theme or at least a color scheme. Draw attention to a focal point, for instance, an unusual lighting feature, poem on the wall, interesting looking bathtub.

Color Palate Way – For instance, starting with a creme color palate, where the walls, tub, sinks, cabinets are in shades of beige and cream, you can add an opulent mirror, some lush shower curtains and maybe a canister of scented soap?

Traditional Style – Say you enjoy referencing the past, get vintage taps, shower heads, curtains and vintage tubs. Or another well loved favorite style is the country home bathroom.

Modern Style – Reference hotels, spas or beach resorts.

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  • Romantic Style
  • Country Style
  • Victorian Style Modernized
  • Elegant Hotel Inspired Bathroom
  • Nature-Inspired Bath
  • Luxurious, Whimsical and Elegant Bathroom
  • Greek Inspired Bathrooms

Romantic Style Elegant Bathroom

This elegant romantic style would be perfect if I were younger or if I had a daughter.

The Shopping List

The use of Victorian mirrors, chandeliers, victorian pieces of art, the bathtub, glass jars, chair covers, lamps and very simple furnishings with a background of pink outlined with black.

Color scheme: White, Pastel pink, Creme, Black.

Another example:

Something less girly, with the use of silver instead of black and a lighter pink.

Country Style Elegant Bathrooms

Country style bathrooms are easy to do, elegant and did I mention, light on the pocket? 🙂

The Shopping List

Floor boards, lots of wood, French toile tea towels or tea towels with prints of poultry. Vintage wall paper, woven baskets, little vases of fresh flowers or hanging plants.

Color Scheme: Pastels with the occasional dash of the odd color or prints and patterns.

Your bathroom will be a save haven away from the hustle and bustle from the city!

Victorian Bathroom Modernized

Instead of using chandeliers, this designer splurged on lush shower curtains, a plush bathtub covering, fine victorian chairs with little elegant details as accents.

The Shopping List

The mini tub side table, the vintage bottle perfumes, the vintage shower head and the very old school shower stand.

Elegant Hotel Inspired Bathroom

The creams with deep browns as outlines, the vast mirrors, the very elegant and subtle lighting which serve both functional and decorative purposes, the lilies and orchids. The towels are placed where they make sense, with the plush chair for the ultimate luxury when doing your make up.

An oh, don’t forget the very clever television at the top!

I think this is one of the ultimate elegant bathroom.

Nature-Inspired Bath

The ultimate, most glamourous “outdoor” bath.

It really isn’t outdoors, only made to look as though it is. It has a steel tap from the colour and you can disguise a shower stand. Real life trees can be placed indoors because of the large windows.

All is missing from this picture is a little shower rack for all our soaps and fresh towels. You can also get a little old-school by using little water buckets to wash yourself.

Elegant rustic. It’s back to the simple life.

Luxurious, Whimsical and Elegant Bathroom

I love the luxury of space of this elegant bathroom.

Whenever I check into a hotel, the first thing I do is inspect bathroom.
Subconsciously, I judge the hotel by its bathroom! It’s funny …people have an obsession with their bathroom even though total time spent there is about 40 minutes each day.

There is something about the ‘bathroom rituals’, perhaps it is our place for rejuvenation?

Greek Inspired Bathrooms

I guess jetsetters would love to bring a hint of travel into your home.

I love the walls. Simple furnishings that do not take the attention away from its majestic walls.

So actually, this design is not as expensive as it looks. Talk to your contractors! When you have an unusual wall, it already makes the bathroom beautiful.

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