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Embrace Luxury

The elegant and sophisticated woman embraces luxury.

Appreciate the finer things in life.

Embrace luxury, not fight it.

I wrote about luxury once, in my blog. Contrary to popular belief, luxury is not just for the rich and famous. Luxury can be and IS for you and me.

A Snippet:

Luxury did not happen overnight, but the finer things in life result from a passion for studying and improving it. A fine vase, or a shoe or a handbag underwent those processes. The master artist has devoted substantial time to perfecting the art, for all of us to enjoy.

I used to scoff at high prices but when I raised my luxury level, I stand amazed at the difference.

If you can afford some luxury, why not enjoy it?

Treat Yourself First Class

The Elegant and Sophisticated woman treats herself first class.

For fun, try on clothing that cost double of what you would normally spend. Test drive a luxury car! Learn how to differentiate quality.

Learn the labels that have these prices. Try to touch, feel, carry, wear and find out why they command such prices.

Whenever you can, afford some luxury. That means, treat yourself to something nice. Get used to using fine creams, good cosmetics, wearing a pair of good shoes, even if it is the ONLY pair.


Buy one set of fine china to dine with everyday. Get used to the crystal glasses.

Even if it is just one piece. One of the finest Egyptian cotton towel for your bath. One set of the finest silk bed sheets.

Buy yourself some small luxury item that represents the lifestyle you want.

Sometimes we are too quick to slam the finer things in life and call other people materialistic or commercial.
We forget the kind of devotion, passion, hard work put behind developing these finer things in life.
While it is not my life goal, but I make an effort to understand and be comfortable with luxury.
Most importantly, enjoy and appreciate them!

By doing so, we also develop what is know as “Discriminating” taste.

Develop A Discriminating Taste

The Elegant and Sophisticated Woman has a refined, discriminating taste.

Ginie Sayles says “Choosing on the tiniest level to position yourself, bodily next to only the best develops what is called discriminating taste.”

Discriminating taste means that you are “aware” of quality, aware of the best in life. By doing so, you are constantly reflecting a stronger sense of self-worth.

People think that by doing so, one becomes more materialistic. That couldn’t be further than the truth. When you’ve become increasingly comfortable with materials,

you’ll realize that they are not as important to you as they used to be.

You’ll learn to enjoy them without placing an over emphasis on things, thus becoming that elegant and sophisticated woman you wanted to be.

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‘The Elegant and Sophisticated Woman’s Ways Page Three’!

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