Definition of Society

definition of society

So perhaps, you’re wondering about the definition of society? What’s all this buzz about the great society pages, society behaviour? How
do socialities and Ms Society become media darlings?

definition of society

The Jouberts as a prank gave their friends at a party some gold dust soup. The gold was actually only a dollar per plate, however it was a source of amusement to people and was thus often written about.
Image via Venetia Joubert uncer CC license.

When I was just starting out in a career as a journalist, I took a stint in a fashion and lifestyle media publishing house.

I used to wonder why my editors were fascinated by High Society.

They sent me to cover fashion shows, to interview society women
who were involved in art and chartitable organizations. We were instructed to ask questions about their lifestyle, where they holidayed, how they raised their children etc etc.
After work hours I was expected to go to product launches, cocktail parties and sometimes
take a photographer with me to cover the “About town” or “Out and About” party pages.

Sometimes I had to write about luxury restaurant and homes.

I went as a reporter to charity balls, galas and other society events. I sat at the media table.

I guess I was then first introduced to ‘Society’.

Definition of Society

Dictionary.com defines Society as

The social life of wealthy prominent or fashionable persons.

Or simply…a body of individuals living as members of a community.

I’m assuming that the latter definition was the original, probably when the time the English language was established. To me, the definition of society simply means a group of people who wish to ‘hang out’ together due to common interests.

There is a common misconception in general that people were born into ‘High Society’. They assume the rich and famous all knew each other, liked each other and socialized together.

Actually, just like everybody else, and like how the above definition of society describes, they may only socialize with two groups of the same ‘feather’ and turn up their noses on the rest.

Yes, people in Society get snubbed, looked down upon all the same!

Hilarious I know.

If you’ll like to increase or widen your society circle and perhaps become a Ms. Society yourself, you can emulate the behaviours of
the Society group of your choice. Get educated. Pursue interests in similar hobbies, jobs…change location and position yourself as close as possible
to your dream. This is how all dreams get attained. In other words, you can’t become a world class singer if you don’t go to where all world
class singers are. You can’t sit in your little hole and hope to be discovered. You’ve got to put yourself out there.

Just do not lose yourself to the glitz and glamour. Actually, once you’ve been in, you’ll realize that most of it is smoke and mirrors. But don’t take
my 0.2 cents opinion on it. Explore for yourself.

I’ve found that if you’ve established yourself with dignity, integrity and elegance, the quality sorts will be attracted to you naturally.

An Introduction to Society

Sometimes we need a little confidence, whether it is our desire to associate with our dream social circle or simply to enter a workplace filled with unknowns.

I wrote part of how to do is in my How to Be Classy page.

I’ve gathered this information in years of personal research and work as journalist and a freelance writer. In my work and social life,
I had the privilege to interview Society folks and some very wealthy folks. I also had access to rather large media libraries when I was working for a couple of magazines.

I guess you also get good at something when you are curious about something. I read voraciously into the lives of some movers-and-shakers. In my research,
I tried my best to get behind how they think, their values, their approach to friendship, how they spent their time (and money) etc.

There’s only so much one can say on a webpage. I hope to introduce a course or ebook about this soon. Stay updated!

Definition of Society – People

My Observations

From my research, I can last conclude that there is a ‘secret’ code for behaviour and language. There is a certain speak and sophistication, with slight variations.

There are certain similar careers, or rather accepted careers, elegant sports and hobbies. Although, ‘careers’ is a rarely used word.

Certainly, manners, etiquette and education are ranked high. There are some elegant skills to acquire, like being a good hostess and being charitable.

They have insecurities like the rest of us, wonder whether they are liked (some) and hope to be accomplished and successful (though their definition of success can be very different).

Most of them are worried people might take advantage of them or use them. They use snobbery as a means of self protection for this very reason.

They are also choosy with friends because of the above reasons. And, they don’t want to feel guilt for having so much. I suppose that is how Society circles form.

They also value time more than money. And most live in a ‘larger than life’ kind of way because of their full lifestyles.

In some influential circles, many are busy, with empires to run, families to look after and nuture and they are often heavily involved
in charity. Some have chosen charity as their ‘work’, others handle that the charitable arm of large companies.

But all in all, they are the same people as us, struggling with finances, insecurities, family problems etc.

So why are they coined ‘High Society’? That does not mean they are higher than the rest of us, morally, spiritually, and physically.

It simply means that they have more influence due to the work that they do. Some of them have immense financial power to make things happen
or have valuable connections to have things happen the way they desired.

See my High Society sitemap, if you would like to study more of this peculiar breed.

Thank you for reading ‘Definition of Society’!

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