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Elegant Woman in a Relationship

Dating Tips For Women to being in a wonderful relationship.

In a good relationship, it can be heaven. Same goes, in a relationship with the wrong person, it can be hell. On a side note, I believe being in a relationship with the right one, shouldn’t be that hard. It shouldn’t be too much work.

Relationships all go in stages.

Sometimes the ‘honeymoon’ comes first, other times, it comes later.

You’ll go through getting to know each other, the joy of discovering similarities, unveiling secrets, meeting yours or his friends, integrating your lives, meeting the family, having your first fight, having your first issue, overcoming them, having the dust settle as you guys learn to get along and enjoy the company…

Dating Tips For Women

Early Stages

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Enjoy the sweetness of every stage.

In the early stages of the dating relationship, don’t bring up anything intense.

In general, you can talk about your feelings, as long as you don’t get too heavy, or play therapist or mother. Exhibit warmth, charm and heart.

Be attentive and be a good listener.

Be happy all the time.

Try not to unload all your problems on him. If possible, try not to talk about it at all. If he really wanted to talk about it, he will find a way to draw it out of you.

It is not to your advantage to be too serious, controlling or wifey. Or to put him in the pressure seat by telling him that he’s the first man to treat you with respect. Or by mentioning marriage, kids and future. Those are for him to bring up. Or cause alarm in his head by telling him how messy your life is.

Dating Tips For Women

Asking About Past Relationships

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I know it is very hard but its best not to ask about his past relationships. It’s none of your business. If you really want to know, try to be rather indirect and steer the conversation such that he offers the information. Although, I still stand by the principle of moving on.

Men have a natural sense of pride that is very different to women. So try to be modest about your accomplishments and steer the conversation back to his accomplishments. Try to let him shine.

Remember you don’t have to keep these things to yourself for ever.

This is to done to pace the relationship in a way best to your advantage.

Eventually, you’ll relax, be in the right frame of mind and it will be the right time to open up, and become more yourself.

Dating Tips For Women

Don’t Treat Him Like Your Girlfriends

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Opening up too soon overwhelms men

Telling him too much too soon overwhelms men.

This idea of opening up is a very ‘girlfriend’ thing i.e. that is how women establish friendships and get to know each other.

Put two friendly, warm-hearted women together on a train next to each other, get them talking and they will become bestfriends in two hours!

Women are conditioned by girlfriends to open up too soon. If you think about it, it is rather selfish and inconsiderate to burden people with our whole lives.

Dating Tips For Women

# A Caution #

Don’t tell him anything you will regret. Some men like to pry secrets out of women. Women sometimes reveal more than they really care to…afterward they feel naked and cheated.

Better to smile when asked a question that is too personal and say, “Oh, I’d rather not talk about that right now.”

Don’t push yourself into his life. Sometimes distance and time can make a man realize he’s made the biggest mistake of his life.

Don’t add pressure by buying him expensive gifts. Save your money.

Don’t meddle into his affairs like try to patch up things with his estranged parents.

This is a similar paragraph on pacing from “When He calls” page but I feel it is very important so I will include it here:

“Most men fall in love faster than women do. They also fall out of love faster.”

Read more about how to prevent that and the important role you play in Pacing the Relationship.

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