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Dating Tips For Women Pg Two

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Welcome to more dating tips for women! This is a continuation of the previous page, or rather, similar dating tips but categorized to each stage of the relationship.

What To Do When He Calls

When he calls you, I reckon its half the battle won! If he is just a friend, he values your friendship. If you guys have been going out on dates or had a first date, you can be sure that he does like you.

Greet him with a warm hello.

Be interested in him. Ask him how was his week. Be light-hearted.

Don’t demand to know why he didn’t call sooner, even if he hasn’t called for 2 weeks.

Always end the phone calls first.

Don’t tell him all that has happened to you like how you talk to your best girlfriend, or mother, or therapist. The way women talk to each other should be different from the way we talk to the men in our lives and they’ll (the men) will appreciate it much more.

So try not to chat too much on the phone. If he wants to talk to you, he can always ask you out. Engaging his curiosity can spur up his motivation to ask you out again more quickly.

When he is asking you out over the phone

Dating Tips For Women:

Relax. Let him direct the conversation, even if he stutters and stumbles. Don’t help him out. If you are not free on Friday when he asks, don’t offer, “But I’m free on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!” Or let him be in control of your time, “Oh anytime, I am usually free.”

Don’t reprimand him for not calling sooner by saying, “If you had called earlier..” Just say, “I’d really love to…but I can’t.”

Let him do all the wondering, all the asking.

romance novel with rose
It’s a good thing he is calling but if you are usually overly
dramatic, avoid romance novels until he has said I Love You!
It would be nice if you had a busy life, with friends, pilates, church, charity work. So he will value your time and treasure you more so when you take your time out of your busy schedule to meet him.

Some girls completely clear their schedule too soon for their Mr Right. They shift appointments, cancel on friends, stop taking French lessons. I would advise you not to, especially early on in the dating period.

It is generally considered rude to cancel on others unless you have an illness or life emergency. Others who have taken time out to meet you might have dolled themselves up that evening, on the verge of stepping out. They might have said no to other friends because they’ve already planned to meet you.

Also, while you have less time with your friends than you used to, you should still make an effort to meet them, especially if you want to keep them as friends.

Never take your friends for granted and assume that they will understand when you now have no time for them. They will be there for you if the relationship doesn’t work out.

Dating Tips for Women Revelation:

Most relationships don’t work out anyway, except the last one that led to marriage.

It’s healthy not to get hung up over any man, to place him where God should be, and focus only on him. You are a busy, passionate girl, who is whole in herself. She does not expect any man to feel up any emptiness in her heart, where only God can fill.

Dating Tips For Women

The Importance Of Pacing

If you really like someone and already dream about what your children will look like, I suggest you exercise discipline in pacing the relationship.

This occurs especially if you are fairly young, which means you have more than five years to the possible age you want to be married.

If you are in your late twenties to early thirties, there is a good chance that you have been on a number of dates.

Many of my friends at this age bracket become dating veterans, and they skip the ‘courtship’ part. They readily meet men within 5 hours notice for drinks, meet up with the Man and become intimate with them within two weeks. It may not work out because they do not feel strong enough chemistry and so they decide to go on separate ways and start over.

They often don’t realize it, but its a reoccurring pattern. Many of the guys they go out with are excellent, but they have failed to engaged a sort of excitement to make their dates long for them and eventually want to commit to them.

They have made it too easy, to have it all too soon.

In my opinion, it works to your favour when you space the dates out from once a week to once a fortnight.

Too much too soon may have a “crash and burn” effect because both parties have different expectations. Too far apart makes you forget the person or maybe because you do not have enough chemistry to want to see the person sooner.

Dating Tips For Women

This Always Works – Self Control

Self control helps you weed out Mr Wrongs who are not that into you or makes Mr Right find you a little more desirable than you think. It also helps you preserve your dignity and prevents a broken heart.

How? Simply by this:

If Mr Right wants to see you sooner, and you want too as well, its best to exercise a little self control, especially if you foresee this relationship to be a potential one leading up to marriage.

So when the urge to call him comes, call a friend, your mother, the weather channel, walk the dog, write a letter…anything until the urge passes and it will…

It is really possible to FORGET someone.

Thank You For Reading Page Two of Dating Tips For Women!

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