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Dating Manners

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Dating Manners: Dating Tips For Women

Dating Today: Is It Different Now?

A long while ago, a wise old grandmother told me that dating is sweetest period of a girl’s life. However, when I grew of age, the stories I hear from my friends, and perhaps some of my personal experiences did not reflect what it ‘used to be’. Being the bookworm (the “Belle” in me), I embarked on an intense journey to demystify the subject.

While I do not list my observations as guarantee to a happy, long lasting relationship, but doing so brings back a courtesy and politeness of the whole affair. It prevents you from being embarrassed or embarrassing others. You do not engaged in trashy fights, loud and public brawls similar situations of Jerry Springer. Dating is part of social relationships, and learning to date tastefully improves your other social relationships.

I do not have the liberty of unlimited pages to write everything I know, so I will try my best to keep them as short as possible. Please email me questions that you may have, or subscribe to my site.

Dating Manners: Dating Tips For Women

The Bottom Line – Is He Asking You Out?

Remember, if someone is not asking you out, then they don’t want to be with you. Go about your business and trust God that you will meet other people whom genuinely like you and want to be with you. Maybe you’re supposed to let go of so-and-so to make room for a better friend!

So now let’s be a lady shall we and doing so, we will attract a fine gentleman. I couldn’t have asked for better, my dear readers…


Before you start dating, let’s review these tips!

Dating Tips For Women – Dating Manners

These are several short snippets of dating tips for women that I have gathered over the years through observation, hand-me-down advise by those wiser. There is no current random order and I hope to sort them out soon.

Make an effort to look your best all the time, appropriate to the activity.

Keep busy, engage in hobbies, other interests – it makes you more interesting as a person. Read, travel widely, make friends from different cultures.

Increase your ‘value’- never put up with bad behaviour, go about your business, give in a little but don’t clear your schedule to work round a guy. This makes you a little unattainable and your time with you will be valued more.

Discard all clothing that is not flattering. If it doesn’t look good on you, toss it. Wear only those that looks good on you. It’s practical and gives your confidence a boost. Buy and invest only in terrific outfits.

That is why I stopped wearing jeans at the age of 20 and now only wear them when I really have to. I think it works to your advantage to look as pretty in a dress as possible.

Don’t wear anything unisex. Why do you want to have any resemblance to a man?

Stick to dressing elegantly.

On a side note:I take this principle to the extremes.

One thing I dislike while skiing on the slopes is not knowing who is male or female. I do not understand why sportswear companies tend to just produce almost the same baggy cut for everyone and only some differentiate with baby colours.

I refuse to wear any of those and decide to wear older designs because there is greater emphasis of a woman’s waist.

Dating Manners

Dating Tips For Women

An elegant woman avoids tight fitting or revealing clothes.

She treats herself to makeovers every now and then. She is committed to keep looking better.

When she finds something that works, she notes them down and makes a point to apply them regularly.

She is comfortable being feminine. She is pleasant, quiet and mysterious at time and is always ladylike. Let chivalry rule! Let him open the door. Don’t tell sarcastic jokes. Don’t be a loud roaring, knee-slapping, hysterically funny girl.

She doesn’t talk too much! We all do, we blabber on and on out of nervousness, if we don’t catch ourselves.

*Important Dating Tip For Women Highlight!*She remains positive, even though a hundred and one things went wrong. She controls the atmosphere, keeping it light hearted. She does not sound cynical or depressed and tell long winded sad stories of her past.

She doesn’t find things to complain about. No one likes a whiner or complainer.

She also doesn’t reveal every detail about herself on the first date. She takes it slow. She is a beautiful book, unfolding its fascinating history. There is always something captivating a secret.

She remembers her manners, saying thank you and please. She acts happy and is joyful always.

Dating Manners: Quick Confident Fix

She looks her best. She wears make up.

She eats right, sleeps well and gets in shape.

she grows your hair long for traditional femininity.

She uses perfume regularly and chooses a signature scent.

Dating Manners:Dating Attitude

An Elegant Woman’s Dating Attitude


Dating Manners: Super Confidence

Have a super sense of self-confidence that radiates from your eyes and from head to toe.

It’s the way you smile. The way you flip your hair. The way you laugh. The way you dance. Your loveliness and charm lights up the room.

You’ve got a sparkle, a zest for life, passion.

It’s the way you listen to him speak. It’s the way you speak. Slowly and relaxed. Generous with praise.It’s the way you move gracefully around the room.

Be optimistic. It is true that no one likes hanging out with people who are negative or complaining all the time.

Never be in a rush. Sip slowly, eat slowly, chew. Never slurp.Never show that getting married is foremost on your mind (even if it is). Keep conversations short and always end them first. Keep answers short and light!

If you are nervous at a party, hold a drink in your hand always to avoid fidgeting. If you drop your spoon, relax. Stay calm. Don’t apologize. Have him ask the waiter to bring you another one.

At a party, keep moving about, making light conversation. Don’t stand in a corner waiting. Don’t talk to a man first unless it occurs very naturally. If the conversation has an awkward lull, let it be and smile. Don’t help him out. He has to ‘make the effort’.

He is not shy, just not really really interested. So just move on. Next!

Thank you for reading “Dating Manners” !

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