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How to Get a Classy Style

Welcome to the Classy First Steps, a study and practical applications to achieve classiness, a classy style and behavior.

We first study together what makes a classy appearance by studying the Pedigree woman, then we will break it down to
actionable steps. This topic of ‘How to get a classy style’ (in appearance) will be covered in two lessons.

Please note that the word “Pedigree” will be used to associate the finest class of woman, and the words ‘class’ and ‘classy’ are just a method of describing a certain elegant and sophisticated effect. These words are advised not to be used at all.

Clothing is a way of identifying someone’s role in society or social class. We identify people by their clothes and people identify us by what we wear, whether we like it or not.
We recognize a policeman, doctor, postman by their clothes. That is the easy part. The less obvious factors we use to “judge” to different degrees are the hairstyle, personal grooming,
quality of clothes, shoes and bags, formality of dressing etc.

Clothing is a language of its own. It speaks volume about what you think of yourself, what you think about the person you are going to meet,
how you shop, your priorities, how much you value your looks and appearance, so on and so forth.

Classy styles are often associated with the wealthy. However not all wealthy or “rich” styles are classy.

This also means, a classy style does not MEAN top-to-toe designers. Do not be impressed when you meet someone with a ostentatious and flamboyant dress style.

Asking the right questions leads to finding the right answers. To demystify whether the finest women – the Pedigree class wears designers all day long? We have to study the way they shop, where they shop and what they buy.

We will also study how they put together their classy look and style.

I will get more into that as we talk about
the Pedigree woman’s style of dressing.

Today, we will be specifically covering “How to Get a Classy Style (of dressing)” by studying classy styles of fine women.

General Principles Of Classy Dressing

  • Elegant
  • Never dress to impress (at least obviously).
  • Dress style is not loud or ostentatious.
  • Logos are not worn at all or kept to a minimum.
  • Cleanliness is as important as godliness.
  • Style of dressing is always on the formal side.
  • Follows a set of rules of appropriate day time and night time colours and jewelry
  • Only wears classic styles.
  • Quality and fit is a priority.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Pedigree women do not not follow fashion
  • They have less things in their wardrobe than most.
  • Appropriate feminine styles and not corporate.

Classy Clothes

Don’t follow fashion

In general, Pedigrees stick to classic styles. This refers to hairstyles, clothes, shoes, bags, nails.

They do not follow fashion as it is considered immodest and attention seeking to do so. That does not mean that they look dated.

Their classic styles are adjusted and adapted to modern day wear by adjusting a few details such as waistline and hemlines. However these adjustments are only very slight.

Good Quality

The clothes worn are of good quality.

If you don’t have a finely attuned eye to recognize the best fabrics and construction, you’ll never know.

These clothes are usually not recognizable by brands or designers because there won’t be logos or labels on them.

There might be a small monogram of their initials but these are becoming rare.

They buy their clothes from stores that sell good quality clothing. It does not have to be expensive as long as the make is of quality.

These clothing are usually made of pure fabrics, 100% cotton, 100% silk, 100% cashmere etc.

Pedigree women learn where to shop from their mothers and grandmothers. They usually have less than a handful of stores that they patron. They also are regular clients of good tailors. Most of their clothing is tailored. That is a surefire way to guarantee a good fit and good quality with a reasonable price.

You may think that price don’t matter to Pedigree women. That is true. Value is what matters. They would go into Talbot or Ralph Lauren to get a basic white shirt (with no logos on it of course) but they would not go to one of the big fashion houses to buy a shirt with its big logo on it.

They are prepared to spend to get the best quality. Sometimes they will shell out if they think it is worth it. These clothes are worn for life. They are cared for meticulously, repaired and passed down. (or donated for a charity later on).

No Labels, No Logos

They don’t buy brands the way others do. They appreciate fine things but that’s all they are, things.

They don’t need labels to help them discern quality. They already know how…by growing up with quality around them.

They are disciplined not to buy clothing and items that are ostentatious looking. They are also disciplined not to buy low quality in exchange for a cheap price.

They do not look in disgust at someone who is designer-clad. They treat them the same – with courtesy, politeness and kindness. The designer-clad is simply not one of them.


Block colors are usually preferred over prints. Day time colors and night time colors are observed religiously.

In the day, light or bright colors are worn only. Favorite day time colors are bright red, white, yellows and light blue. Pastel yellows, pinks, blues, greens, greys are favorites too.

In the evening, darker and richer colors are worn such as navy, royal greens, purple and black.

Glamorous styles and colors are only reserved for special occasions such as silver and gold.
This applies to any clothes made with glitter or shimmery fabric, or fabric embedded with sequins or any other shiny materials.

Attention to Detail

There is a great awareness and attention paid to detail, such as the finesse of the fabric and construction.

There will be no spots, marks or stain. They also pay attention to the way it is ironed – and surely creases and iron marks will NOT be tolerated.

Missing buttons or loose hems or strings will be fixed immediately.

If a garment is beyond repair, it is discarded and replaced.

Most people say cleanliness is next to Godliness but to the Pedigree woman, cleanliness is Godlinesss!

Their clothes are always clean and fresh, as they are with everything else, their hair, make up, nails, shoes and bags.


Pedigree women are modest and polite in their dressing.

They consider animal prints and sexy styles too vulgar. They are very private about their bodies but that does not mean they do not dress in sensual styles.

The keyword here is understated.

They don’t worry about competing for attention with louder women. They know that only those in the same social class and with a trained eye can spot them, their own kind – the Pedigrees.

Charlotte York in Sex and the City Movie

Lesson Recap

1.General Principles of Classy Dressing

2. Pedigree women With Classy Style

  1. Don’t follow fashion but stick to classic styles. That does not mean they are not fashion conscious. Their styles are modernized by slight adjustments.
  2. Wears only good quality. Good quality is found from clothes with a broad spectrum of prices from affordable to expensive.
  3. They abstain from displays of designer labels and logos as much as they can. They don’t need these labels and logos to discern quality.
  4. Attention to detail such as its ‘fit’ and ‘cut’ (and quality) is more important than designer logos and labels. Also, they pay attention to details such as how it was ironed, stains and spots and wear and tears. They get them fixed immediately.
  5. They use classy styles to identify others in their social class (though it is not the only thing. More will be covered in this ecourse.)
  6. Colors for day time and evening wear are observed.
  7. They are modest and polite in their dressing. That does not mean they are boring or not sensual.

Tutorials – Lesson Exercises

1. Read through the lesson again. Write down all bits of the lesson that caught your attention.

By writing things down (not typing), you can remember better.

2. Ask yourself, how can I apply these lessons right away? Write action steps.

  1. I will not wear black in the daytime anymore.
  2. I will change …

3. Learn how to do a Wardrobe Edit based on these principles of classy style taught in this lesson.

Pull ‘looks’ (outfits) from your current wardrobe. If you feel that “you have nothing” in your wardrobe, make a scrapbook of looks found in
magazines or images (that satisfy these principles) found on online.

Immediate action allows your brain to translate ideas into reality quicker. It will be more permanent and soon you can gain confidence and be able to do more variations of classy style on your own.

Your mind and your eye will have developed and become finely attuned to what is classy and what is not.

Create at least one

  • Classy day outfit
  • Classy evening outfit
  • Stick these images on your dresser or wardrobe.

    The next time you go out, wear that outfit. If your friends ask you why are you so dressed up or “formal”, just say you felt like dressing up.

    The more you get used to dressing up in a classy style, it will become you. No one then asks you again “why you are so dressed up” – they just associate that style with you.

    Next Lesson in Classy Behavior

    We will be continue to study the elegant classy style of Pedigree women tomorrow.

    We will cover

    1. Jewelry
    2. Hairstyle
    3. Make up
    4. Nails
    5. Shoes
    6. Bags
    Thank you for reading ‘How To Get A Classy Style’!

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