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Chopstick Etiquette

Chopsticks Etiquette

How to use chopsticks

Chopstick Etiquette: how to use chopsticks, how to eat with chopsticks,
how to use chopsticks video, easy steps on how to use chopsticks,

Chopsticks Etiquette

Chopstick Etiquette

  • Never stick your chopsticks upright in your rice

    This is because that reminds asians of the
    ‘Praying to the Dead’ death ritual where joss sticks are used that look similar to chopsticks.

  • Never use your chopsticks as a stirring spoon.

  • Use only your chopsticks

  • Do not use chopsticks to stab your food.

  • Using your chopsticks to point.

  • Place them on top of your bowl or on the chopsticks holder if you are not using them.

  • Don’t wave your chopsticks.

  • Try not to rub your wooden chopsticks together to remove splinters. If you need to, do it very discretely away from the table.

  • Chopsticks may be used for sweeping rice into the mouth except in Korea.

  • Never play with your chopsticks to make sounds or use them as “drum sticks”.

  • If you need to pass food, place it on the person’s plate and never to another person’s chopsticks.

    Chopstick Etiquette

    How To Hold and Eat with Chopsticks

    Chopsticks Etiquette

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  • On your dominant hand, place first chopstick between middle finger and thumb.

  • Second chopstick is between forefinger and thumb.

  • Keep tips of chopsticks parallel.

  • First chopstick remains stationary and the second chopstick is used to maneuver and “pinch” the food.

  • Pinch only small pieces of food. Bring them to your rice bowl.

  • Depending on culture, the texture of rice is different. If it is a sticky clumpy rice.
    You might pinch your dish and carry into your mouth, then pinch a clumpy rice to “go with that piece of dish”.

    Chopsticks Etiquette

  • If your rice isn’t clumpy, you’ll use your chopsticks to “sweep” rice in your
    mouth. Note that this practice is acceptable in most asian cultures but Korea.

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