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  • elegant poise

    What is Poise?

    How to be a Woman of Poise Secrets of An Elegant Poise – The History of Poise About just a few generations ago, every well-bred young girl was given posture lessons.…

  • mason pearson brush

    Personal Grooming For Elegance

    To achieve an elegant look, one has to value personal grooming. verb (used with object) to tend carefully as to person and dress; make neat or tidy. Self Grooming is not…

  • Uncategorized

    Online French Class

    Welcome to a mini ‘Online French Class’. More tools to help you get started learning French (if you wish) below. The French language, undoubtedly is the language of polite society. Languages…

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    Ms Manners – Everyday Manners

    This Ms Manners style page is based on Victorian Etiquette on everyday life. They are focused on setting good examples for children. Ladies First In Ms Manners Victorian style etiquette, there…

  • elegant motherhood stories

    Elegant Motherhood Stories

    Elegant Motherhood Stories to inspire us all on raising pedigree, refined, happy and excellent children. Welcome to the Elegant Motherhood section of Elegantwoman.org In my recent study on Classical Education, I’ve…

  • a fair minded bride writes

    Miss Manners Wedding Etiquette Part Three

    Miss Manners Wedding Etiquette Dress-code & Keeping Up Appearances An observation of the modern wedding where wedding etiquette is not heeded: “everyone is costumed, but none of it matches. groom is…