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    ARCHIVED HERE – IF YOU LANDED ON THIS PAGE, PLEASE EMAIL MAIL@ELEGANTWOMAN.ORG FOR MORE INFO Fascinating Womanhood Week Five You cannot dream yourself into a character: you must hammer and forge yourself into one.Henry D. Thoreau Readings for this week: Chapters 18 – 20, Your Love Booklet Have you been collecting love booklet stories? Making it a habit to journal my love entries helps me be more appreciative to my husband. I make it a point to do this every…

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    ways we try to change men

    It is no secret that women everywhere, have a natural tendency to nuture and decorate everything in their hands. And ‘changing’ is a sub category of those natural tendencies. Being elegant…

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    Fascinating Womanhood Course

    Further Information on Fascinating womanhood course overview. Objectives of fascinating womanhood tools are further expanded. An introduction of Fascinating Womanhood Online Classes. Hello and welcome! Why is this course important for…