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    #31 How to Have Yummy Breath

    This newsletter is better viewed on browser Chrome and worst viewed on Internet Explorer. P.s. If you are seeing “Hello >”, it means that you didn’t key in your name when…

  • me in a beauty-pageant gown that I designed

    Formal Evening Pageant Gowns

    Related searches: formal evening pageant gowns, pageant dresses, pageant and prom dresses, glitz pageant dress, pageant dresses girls, girls pageant dress In a red gown I designed. It’s my little hobby.…

  • Appearance

    10 Tips for Fresh Breath

    How not to rely on Fresh breath drops Save money on fresh breath drops! 10 tips for fresh breath. Tips you can start using today to keep your breath fresh and…

  • guide to a basic wardrobe

    Guide to A Basic Wardrobe

    Step Three – Wardrobe Refashioning Analysis The Elegant Woman’s Guide to A Basic Wardrobe. Wardrobe Refashioning Essentials – How to Build An Elegant Wardrobe That Works. If you have just joined…

  • Manners & Etiquette Travel & Culture

    Hotel Manners

    How to have excellent Hotel Manners. Travel etiquette on how much to tip, who to tip. A tipping guide for hotels and travel included. Travelling to a beautiful elegant hotel? Hotel…