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  • Appearance

    Negligees and House dresses

    An Elegant Tradition Negligees and House dresses are elegant traditions. Read to find out why and how it affects your elegance, even when you think no one is looking! Do you…

  • Appearance Shopping

    Style Elements – An Overview

    Purses, Bags and Everything else! A commentary of acquiring elegance for the use of everything else but clothes! Buy at AllPosters.com Handbags While designer bags are an obsession by many women,…

  • glamourous hair
    Appearance Grooming

    Elegant Hairstyles & Hair

    Wearing your hair tastefully and elegantly Young Audrey. See more Audrey Hepburn Hairstyles Elegant hairstyles are more important than we think. An elegant hairstyle is more than personal grooming. It shapes…

  • elegant wardrobe
    Appearance Manners & Etiquette

    Dress Etiquette

    Dress Etiquette Topics covered: clothing etiquette, dressing etiquette, clothing and dress, dressing elegant, professional dress. All about dressing elegantly. The way you dress communicates to the people around you. It tells…