Beauty Pageant Pictures

beauty pageant girls

This page showcases some vintage beauty pageant pictures interjected with some beauty pageant tips.
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I’ve always loved vintage things, with “vintage” meaning existing at least 25 years ago.
These photos were taken in the 1950s- 1960.

There is something about vintage beauties. I have always wondered whether it was easier to be elegant in the past, perhaps when things were simpler.
We didn’t have to cut through the clutter or sift through confusing messages like we do today.

beauty pageant pictures
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Vintage Elegance

Beauty Pageant Pictures

beauty pageant girls

I’m not a fan of big ball gowns in general but I can definitely
think this is pretty!

beauty pageant girls

Beautiful posture. How is it that our parents and grandparents looked like they had better posture than us?

Did they learn posture in school? And whose idea was it to scrap it from classes?

beauty pageant girls

Beauty pageant contestant walking gracefully down the stage.

beauty pageant girls

A ‘lesser’ gown and I hope it is easier walking in them!

beauty pageant girls

A lady getting some help with two gentlemen

Beauty Pageant Pictures

Looking Good in Beauty Pageants

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly projecting an image to others.

Thus, why not choose to project the most effective image, whether in beauty pageants, in school or at work?

Beauty Pageant Pictures

How Do You Want People To See You?

Self Awareness

First of all, you have to be yourself. But you can’t be yourself if you don’t know who you are.

Personal Grooming

A lady should always be impeccably ‘
groomed. Enough said.

Poise &

Posture tells others how to treat you.

Physical poise is the way you move your body.
The motions should be fluid. No bouncing when walking etc.

Personal poise comes from internal confidence. It is about knowing what to do with everything that happens, whatever life throws at you.

It is grace under pressure.

I love the way Ginie’s describes how to best develop personal poise:
There are several useful interviews, contacts and beauty pageant pictures in the book.

  • Deliberately put yourself in as many new situations as you can in order to learn how to overcome fear or self-consciousness about new or unexpected events and to learn to handle new experiences with ease.
  • Study etiquette so that you have a “format” of behavior
  • Practice initiating brief conversations with people on each side as you wait in line somewhere.

Beauty & Make Up

Beauty is a choice.

A certain elegance should be applied to make upon ‘your face.

There must be a balance between what looks good, the colours, skin tones, highlight and masking, and the appropriateness of it all depending on the time of day.

The Art of Conversation

Looking good is not enough. Having a certain social ease and social savvy is required to handle yourself in all situations.

Cosmetic Dentist/orthodontist

Simple suggestion: If you are not happy with your smile because of the way your teeth looks, please see a cosmetic dentist right away. Save up for it, but set your mind to do it.

We always sigh and wonder, if only money can buy confidence. Here it can, to a large extent. We can’t put a price on feeling confident and beautiful when you smile..

I’ve once watched a modeling contest once where a really good looking guy almost won because he looked so good but during one of the rounds, a judge innocently asked why he never smiled in any of the pictures or walking down the runway.

He honestly revealed he didn’t like his teeth. So then the judges asked him to show his smile (how predictable) for the whole wide world to see. It was filmed and broadcast around the world.

So there we were, witnessing his two “vampire” teeth. It was such a simple cosmetic procedure that he could have done before beating so many other male models to get into the final rounds, competing and exhibiting on national television.

After that very incident, he visibly lost confidence and lost the competition.

Beauty Pageant Pictures

Glitz Pageants

People often see the glamour and glitz pageants portray

but one does not realize the work, commitment, effort and discipline behind it.

While I’m not training to enter a beauty contest, learning about the training to enter
these pageants are similar to attending finishing school.

Perhaps you cannot afford to attend a Swiss finishing school but you can read elegantwoman.org and you can afford to enter into a Pageant.

Keep dreaming of the most beautiful you!

Thank you for reading ” Beauty Pageant Pictures” !

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