How To Be Classy

Classically Elegant A write up about how to be classy, classically elegant and simply sophisticated for sophisticated women. Similar interests include how to be elegant sophisticated women, become a socialite, or what’s in socialite life? Classy First Steps, an introduction online course. Learning to ‘be classy’ is about changing your feather to a finer class. Contrary to popular belief, money and class are not the same thing. What is “class” then? Class refers to a group of people according to the things they have in common, including money. – Ginie Sayles Unfortunately, many think once they have money, they have class. See How to be a lady. It is possible to have lots of money and no class. It is also possible to have class and no money. We’ll talk about what it means to be “classy”, in specifics, classically elegant. Be Classy – Classically Elegant – The Word “Classy” If you googled the number of websites with the word “classy” in the entire web, you’ll find that there are 78763 number of pages using that word. It is one of the most misrepresented words. People use it to describe elegance, sophistication, stylish women. They also use it to describe … Continue reading How To Be Classy