Bad Fashion Faux Pas

What Is NOT Elegant
    1. Old, faded clothing: They should go.


    1. Tears, holes and stains in the clothing: Repair and remove.


    1. Scuffed shoes. Usually I would say throw them out, but maybe there is something your cobbler can do.
    2. Clothes which are not ironed. Either do your ironing, or buy clothes that need no ironing!


    1. Clothes of ridiculous fashion.


    1. VPL; Visible panty lines


    1. Runs in your stocking


    1. Mismatched clothes


    1. Unruly hair


    1. Hair covering the eyes


    1. Unconcealed red patches of skin or pimples


    1. Dirty fingernails


    1. Grubby looking bags that needs to be washed, repaired and most likely thrown out.


    1. Fake designer goods. Just don’t buy them if you can’t afford or save up, even if it takes months.


    1. Carrying a bag not proportionate to your body. The general rule of thumb is, the smaller the bag, the more elegant.


    1. Appropriateness of the occasion with regards to the outfit, bag, shoes, make up.


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    Lady Grace Bourgeois
    January 9, 2019 at 8:06 pm

    What do you mean exactly with “ridiculous fashion”? I’ve noticed that not everyone have the same standards when it comes to it. To me, it at least requires someone dressed in Decora or OTT sweet lolita. While, for others, anything that is not a pair of pants and a pullover in beige tones is ridiculous.

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