Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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Looking for bachelorette party scavenger hunt ideas? It is a great alternative to the traditional hen’s night. Bachelorette party themes could about shopping, a holiday destination. Here are some ideas:

The traditional hen’s night never really appealed to me and so going on a scavenger hunt for a bachelorette party sounds really fun, and it is more ‘elegant’ to do so.


Though no one said anything about NOT dressing up!

Elegant Bachelorette party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Mall Hunts


My favorite are mall hunts!

First, the choose a relatively unknown mall and take pictures of things inside a shop.

Print those pictures out into sheets for each team.

The teams then disperse and is given a set time, say 1 hour and is told to meet back at the meeting point.

When each team finds the item, they snap a picture of it in their camera, also noting down where it is found.

You can get themed “bachelorette party” pictures: Sexy lingerie, Waffle mix (good wife), his and hers pillows, valentine’s day cards, men’s underwear etc.

Everyone eventually meets at the meeting place and whoever got there first and got everything right wins!


You could have a list of things for team members to ‘bring back’.

For instance,

  • Bring back the largest thing for $10.
  • Bring back the smallest thing for $10.
  • Bring back the most colorful thing for $10.
  • The book with the most number of pages in a shop.
  • The cheapest thing in the store.
  • The most number of items you can buy for $5

You could theme this as well by making a list of things according to a theme. If she is a fashionista, you could make it about fashion items, or “Weddings” or with the theme “Couple” where everything has to come in twos, or “Married Life”, or you could combine it with a bridal shower, with “Wife in the Kitchen” theme etc.

I’m not really a fan of “shouting” or creating a scene so everything can be done really fun yet very civil as well. All the above emphasizes creativity!

P.s. The grocery store is fun too.

hunting around the grocery store

See here for some Christian ladies’ Night Out ideas too.

Elegant Bachelorette party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Around Town/Holiday Destination Hunts

Instead of limiting yourself to a mall, you could take pictures of things around a small town, a zoo, a garden, Disneyland. You could also organize a road trip or a mini holiday for the girls, where you could come up with bachelorette ideas there and then.

bachelorette party idea at disneyland

Especially if the bride is a fan of Amazing Race (the reality TV program), you could incorporate bits of Amazing Race into the fun.

Accompanying those pictures could be little riddles where the team members employ an Amazing race technique of asking around questions like,

  • “Where do I go to get a haircut around here?”
  • “How many supermarkets are there in this town?”
  • “What movie is playing at 1045 that is 100 minutes long?”
  • “What dish do you have in your restaurant that is sweet and sour?”

It’ll be a great way to know the city, the cuisine and perhaps some culture!

Remember to set some boundaries and emergencies so the game runs smoothly.

Elegant Bachelorette party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Hotel Hunt

Similar to the traditional house hunt, I do not want to give reason for beloved friends to ransack my house, so I’d rather do a hotel hunt.

On top of providing general pictures to find things, I could give simple tasks as:

Collect pictures (in their digital camera or phone):

  • An Asian guy
  • A Bald guy
  • Someone drinking coffee
  • A “diving” into the pool shot (where either you find someone to dive or you dive)
  • A kissing photo
  • A hotel bathrobe shot
  • An elderly couple holding hands
  • 10 different luggages
  • Someone wearing a hat

It’s actually fun because you will be hunting people down instead of things!

Bachelorette party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

“Collectors” Type of Hunt

As similar as above, but on top of collecting pictures, you will be collecting:

  • A strand of white hair
  • A driver’s license with two number 8s in it (take a picture!)
  • A video of a stranger shaking their hips
  • Safety Pins (or other strange things people might carry around and willing if give it to you.)


Elegant Bachelorette party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Video Tasks

Give a lists of tasks to interview people and record on video with your digital camera.

Ask strangers to:

  • Give advice of being a good wife
  • On marriage
  • Honeymoon suggestions
  • Singing a love song to you.
  • Send you their best wishes.
  • On pleasing your husband.
  • On how to control him.

The first team who is able to get all these tasks done will win!

These are some basic suggestions for an alternative hen’s night. It can be kept very simple where everyone goes for a treat at the spa or get manicures together.

Have fun!


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