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    The Great Reminder

    Note: I try to read this every now and again. Hope it blesses you too. Love, E   This is your life. Do you what you love, and do it often.…

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    Classy Conversations

    I recently met someone whom I’ve admired for a very long time. I had great respect for him and his work. I thought he was a star. So when the opportunity…

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    Conversational Blunders

      The secret of success in conversation is to be able to disagree without being disagreeable. – unknown. I updated one of my favourite pages on The Art of Conversation. Though…

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    A Beautiful & Elegant Countenance

    “Countenance” is defined as a “a person’s face or facial expression”. Not everyone is born with great looks, but everyone can control their ‘countenance’ more than they realize. What does that…