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My favourite Audrey Hepburn book is…I can’t choose. There are too many. I love books that gives an indepth account on Audrey Hepburn Biography as well as Audrey Hepburn Photo books!

The Audrey Hepburn book is written by her son, Sean. It is very touching and heartfelt and gives insight to what kind of mother she is and her everyday life. She took pleasure in simple pleasures of everyday life.

I admire that she loves being a mother, and all she wanted was a house! And she did get one in Switzerland. She called La Paisible, meaning ‘The Peaceful Place’.

The second book is like your own Audrey Hepburn photo album! Perfect if you are looking for Audrey Hepburn book cover pictures.

The third one I received as a present from my brother. It contains replicas of Audrey Hepburn’s movie tickets, letters etc. This is an amazing book – a must for all hard core Audrey Hepburn fans.

The first Audrey Hepburn book, ‘How to be lovely‘ is more of an inspirational and quote book. It does not contain deep references of the biography of Audrey Hepburn, but you can get a wonderful glimpse
the essence of her elegance and loveliness. Definitely recommended if you are looking for inspiration on How to be Elegant.

The second Audrey Hepburn book, ‘Audrey Style‘ gives details of what she wore on her casual days, her favourite designers and some of her wardrobe habits. It is a precious style guide.

The third book…the author makes references to Audrey as if she knew Audrey personally. Not to say that I don’t buy it, but some parts of the book depict Audrey in a light that I’ve never seen before. She wrote about
Audrey’s battle and issues with food, how she looked etc etc. While I like that it was balanced, showing the ‘good and the bad’ of Audrey, I conclude that some of what was written
are mere opinions and interpretations of Audrey’s behaviour and actions. Who really knows why Audrey behaved the way she did?

I’m hoping to read more books about Audrey to see if I can find similar ‘reports’ in this book by Diana Maychick.

Audrey Hepburn Books that I want

Update: I’m a proud owner of the second Audrey Hepburn book by Pamela Keogh, ‘What would Audrey Do?’ Nothing particularly ground-breaking but it was a fun Audrey read.

Thank you for reading ‘Audrey Hepburn Book’!

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