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A snippet and summary of Audrey Hepburn’s bio and attempt to draw out lessons of elegance from the biography of Audrey Hepburn. Who else can so rightfully teach us ‘How to be Elegant’?

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Audrey Hepburn is a captivating actress and one of the most elegant film stars of all time. She is best known for her captivating performances in films such as Roman Holiday
,Breakfast At Tiffany’s
and My Fair Lady.

Audrey Hepburn Bio: Her Life

As a child, she grew up during war and risked her life to work for the Dutch resistance. In her adult life she survived two failed marriages and five miscarriages. Nearing the end of her life, she worked as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, and she put her heart and soul into helping needy children.

Audrey Hepburn Bio: Quick & Fast Facts

Audrey Hepburn was born on May 4, 1929 in Brussels, Belgium. She passed away on 20 January 1993, Tolochenaz, Switzerland More info….

Audrey Hepburn married twice, first to American actor Mel Ferrer, and then to an Italian doctor, Andrea Dotti. She had a son with each – Sean in 1960 by Ferrer, and Luca in 1970 by Dotti.

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Her co-star, Rex Harrison, once was asked to identify his favorite leading lady. Without hesitation, he replied, “Audrey Hepburn in ‘My Fair Lady.'”

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