50s Style Wedding Dress Ideas

50s style wedding dress

If you enjoyed my previous 50s style page of wedding dresses, I’m sure you’ll love this continuation for more vintage elegant wedding dress ideas.

More Elegant Vintage Wedding Dress Ideas

If the usual white ball gown wedding dress is not for you and you’re looking something elegant and sophisticated, you can look to the 50s
for style ideas and inspiration.

In the 50s, everything was simpler. It was effortless elegance. The wedding dresses had clean lines, were slim and fat free.

They were appropriate and best part is that you can probably wear them again!

Elegant Sophisticated Glamorous 50s Style #1

50s style wedding dress

Love this look. Eye-catching bling with a very understated simple elegant gown. It is very old Hollywood glamour in the 50s.

Elegant Sophisticated 50s style Wedding Gown #2

50s style wedding dress

How to get a chic elegant style: This combination of feathers and the french birdcage veil goes well with the simple neckline of her elegant wedding dress.

The touch of the red lipstick completes the look.

50s Style Wedding Gown #3

simple elegant wedding dress

Grace Kelly embodies the 50s glamour like nobody else.

50s Style Wedding Gown #4

simple elegant wedding dress

Although this is not a wedding from the 50s, Princess Mary’s wedding dress is similar to elegant wedding styles in the 50s.

Her wedding dress’ neckline and sleeves are elegant and conservative yet does not look out of date.

50s Glamour Style Wedding Gown #5

50s style wedding dress grace kelly

I especially love the fur stole, matching pearl necklace and bracelet!

Old Hollywood glamour from the 50s never fails to inspire.

This is a picture of Grace Kelly.

Draw 50s style inspiration from Audrey Hepburn

50s style wedding dress

If you are wearing a simple wedding dress, consider wearing these cute gloves.

It is very elegant and charming.

Want more elegant wedding dresses?

Check out Elegant Wedding Dress Section.

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