#22 – Love the skin you’re in!

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Hello everyone!

Elegant Lesson #32 – Love the skin you’re in!

Do you love the skin you’re in?


Basic Skincare

Today’s elegant lesson would be about the very basics of skin care. For all of you beauty junkies, this issue is probably too basic for you! I thought it was important to write about skin care anyway because I get many emails about skincare and grooming.

First of all, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, if you’re one of those women who do not know much. We all have to start somewhere!

Secondly, you decide how complicated or simple your skin care routine should be. It is all about finding out what it’s best for you. There’s no one perfect system or product. However, there is a basic skin care system that I believe is the minimum a woman who is in her mid-twenties and beyond should maintain (as elaborated in my article.)

Lastly, you have to do your own homework! Not every product is going to work for you and BE CAREFUL! This is especially if you have sensitive skin. I used to be pretty adventurous, up until one skincare range that was too strong for me and I ended up battling breakouts for over a year.

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Common Resistance to Skincare

  1. I don’t have enough time.
  2. It is a chore.
  3. It is too expensive.
  4. I don’t see results.
  5. I don’t need it.
  6. I’ll just rely on make up.

I’ll admit that I’ve used all those excuses, even now, every now and then. So what I’ll do is I’ll try to see it as a way of pampering myself. Surely I can afford ten minutes to loving my skin?

Good skin is one of the foundations of having an elegant appearance. I’ve also found out how to manage my budget around my favourite brands. Stocking up when they are on sale, buying them duty free or on Amazon. I’ve also found great drugstore brands that work great!

After establishing a skin care routine, I don’t think about it anymore. It just works. Of course, I enjoy the luxury of having a mask on my face and reading a book. I also enjoy sampling new beauty products (in moderation, of course).

Other fun approaches to good skin is to…start collecting your own beauty secrets! Then trade them with your friends. That is one of the fun things we can do to continually be interested in taking care of ourselves and not ‘let ourselves go’.

What are your favourite skin care tips?

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Thanks for reading!

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