Before, I used to concentrate on my job, my studies and my home. I ignored my self.After I read your web site and your books, my eyes opened to some thing I was not know.

I check your website from time to time to update and remind my self about elegance. I tried my best to surround my self with beautiful things. I cleaned my home and reduce the clutter around me, give my self more attention. I learned the basics of clothing and accessorize.

Now I use light or no make up to reflect the healthy natural radiance of my skin with nude translucent lipstick matching my skin tone.

I Organized my closet. Surrounded my self with nice essences of orange , flower and frankincense.Rub my body with sandalwood essence from up to toe after shower. Surrounded my self with greens and fresh air. I concentrate on my healthy food and exercise.

Long time ago I hate women’s world, but after I read you website and follow what you wrote, I discovered with all of these beautiful things how much beautiful a woman world can be. This is really made my life better and accepted my self more.

Still I am following up for my journey toward elegance and beauty.