Thanks so much Eunice for this blog.I found this blog at a time of my life when i needed to.Ive been struggling with esteem problems since when i was 14.Here in Africa/Kenya that is unheard of and its only seen in the movies.This being so,i could not talk about it to anyone.At the time i found this blog,I had jus broken up with my ex-boyfriend and i was finding it hard to cope with the situation.That made me have a very low self esteem. Every time anything dint go well in my life including goals,career,education,my esteem went really low and that is when i realzsed i need to do something about it.I am from a middle class household hence i also couldn’t afford the good things in life and that made it worse.Thanks to this blog now i know how to become who i want to be.My idol is Tamera Mowry Housley because every single time i watch her reality show Tia and Tamera,i am encouraged.She does not hide her feelings of sadness or hurt.That shows that she is human and its okay to be human.Despite all that,it does not show her to be weak.Thats what I’ve always wanted to be.I always bottle everything inside because I don’t know how to show it less I’m gonna loose my elegance.I love the part where you say that no one was born elegant or knowing how to dress,host parties or classically educated.You have to do it over and over again.This not only encourages me on my path to elegance but also helps me build my confidence.I also like the fact that you point out that most women have secret self esteem and confidence issues.It is true because am one of those women.Thank you again for this blog.