I’ve only recently stumbled across your website, and by accident I have to admit. I was looking for help on a self makeover.

I let my curly blonde hair turn into a knotted afro. I wore sweatpants and my husband’s t-shirts (the ones too tight for me due to me fattening him up). I wore makeup, but I looked like a prostitute.

Now, my hair is straightened into a half-up style or in a loose, but pretty updo. I’ve gotten rid of all of my sweatpants and other “lazy clothes” and replaced them with more appropriate clothes. My makeup is simple; foundation, sometimes powder, a peachy blush, eyeliner with a matching shadow to “seal” in the liner and mascara. Lip gloss is a pinky color.

My only regret is not doing this sooner! I’m 39 weeks pregnant (and I was told I was sterile, imagine my shock!) and woke up one day realizing that I couldn’t continue the way I was. I certainly don’t want my child having to explain that “mommy’s a slob”. So, I changed and for the better. I feel so much happier. My husband is no longer embarrassed to be seen with me in public.

You are an absolute blessing. I was so unsure of how to begin my transformation, but I look great now! Oh, and thank you for your referral to FlyLady! My home never reflected how I looked, but it was a bit cluttered. I could have the Queen over now and I would no longer be worried about how I (or my home) looks!