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me in a 'beauty pageant gown' that I designed

Me in a red gown that I designed. It’s a hobby of mine. 🙂

After a bit of research on pageants, I’ve found many pageant and prom dresses looking rather dated.

While many of pageant and prom gowns are pretty,
I don’t find them particularly fashionable nor elegant.

The colors are quite ‘yesteryears’ and there is too much bling, making the look fussy. The necklines tend to be over the top too.

I suppose I should rejoice when I read that fashion in beauty pageants are becoming more modern and more in tune with current fashions. I suppose we have the celebrities and their stylists to thank.

Though elegance will always take priority over fashion, there are some elegant pageant and prom dresses that like Audrey Hepburn, will never go out of style.

A gown choice depends on your color tones, your personality, your comfort.
You want to own the dress. It should not outshine you but be a sort of frame, to present the best you to the judges

Click on the pictures to find out whose dresses are these:

Pageant and Prom dresses

Pageant Dresses – A Modern Twist

Nothing like a pop of color.


The one to the left is by Oscar De La Renta

I actually tried it on! But the color did not suit my skin tone.
It is a beautiful dress though.

The next one is by Roberto Cavalli.

The one to the extreme right is made by Valentino. I think certain shades of yellow look fantastic on certain skin tones.

Pageant and Prom dresses

Pageant & Prom Dresses: Old Hollywood Glamour

Old world elegance.

Who else by Oscar De la Renta. He always makes beautiful elegant clothes.


Pageant and Prom dresses

Bling & Glitz Pageant Dress

How glitzy and glamorous can it get with the traditional bling dress modernized?


The Romantic Girls Pageant Dresses

Sweet, but not too sweet.


Pageant and Prom dresses

Dramatic Pageant Gowns

For those who are still loving ball gowns, I had a sniff around and found dramatic modern ball gowns that still retained its classic style elements.

It is definitely more dramatic and perfect when you want to make a statement.


There is bountiful thought that goes into choosing and wearing a dress.

Understand what colors work for you. Get yourself color charted, then have a thorough assessment of what necklines are the most flattering to wear for your body type.

Don’t forget to consider your hair style and the height of shoes you’ll be wearing when wearing a dress.

(If you are planning to be prom queen…)

Choosing the right dress is very important in a beauty pageant because it helps present your best self to the judges and the world.
Have a read of my other beauty pageant pages and don’t forget that my number one recommended book is Ginie’s Sayles book:

All the best in choosing the best dress!

Thank you for reading Pageant gowns and Prom dresses! I completely loved writing this page. I got to indulge myself in searching for the best dresses for this page.