Sophisticated Lingerie – Your Best Kept Secret

Elegant lingerie should be a mystery and kept under wraps, otherwise the sophisticated lingerie loses its elegance.

Elegant Bridal Lingerie, Sophisticated Lingerie

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Elegant lingerie is your best kept secret because it is something that you should enjoy intimately. It should not be shared with everyone. It reveals your private and personal details.

Yes and that means keep your elegant bridal lingerie to yourself! No one really wants to see them and it is not funny.

A shabby slip of underwear shows a busy life and self neglect. It reveals how the garment has gone through and taken a beating in the washing machine.

An unsightly revelation of an orange g-string under low cut jeans brings your minds to visualizations that are not exactly elegant.

A hint of hot pink or black under a translucent white cotton shirt hints at unsavory allures.

Even if all the above may not be something you personally relate with, choosing the right under garments that involves the right fit, appropriate fabric are essential for your perfect silhouette.

Undergarments that do not fit sabotage your proportions and your outfit. It may not do justice to your beautiful self and the pretty dress that you are wearing simply because it does not ‘hang’ on you right.

fun and flirty elegant lingerie, sophisticated lingerie - Elegant bridal lingerie?

Be inspired! Love your lingerie!

I think we are sometimes too busy with our lives and errands that we forget to enjoy the little elegant things in life. I understand that its impossible to do a turn around in your lingerie drawer but I suggest baby steps.

Save and have fun with your lingerie when you are going out to an elegant dinner, or on the weekends. What happened to the tradition of elegant bridal lingerie?

For the day to day stuff, wear what’s comfortable and slowly increase your standards when you go lingerie shopping. Get those comfortable, sexy, pretty ones. Make your lingerie work harder for you!

Oh, elegant & sophisticated lingerie the little pleasures of a woman’s life.

Elegant Lingerie, Sophisticated Lingerie

Slips of Lingerie

I’m sure we have all seen:

  • Slips of the brassiere
  • Lacy brassiere underneath a fitting T-shirt
  • A black or a hot pink vision of undergarments under a white top
  • A white haze under a black shirt which is sometimes more obvious in a photograph taken with a flash light
  • A very stiff brassiere that looks like the twin towers underneath the blouse
  • Visible panty lines (VPL)
  • Panties that are too high for low-cut skirts or jeans

Elegant Lingerie : Our Intimate Pleasure

I do not have a doubt that because we women who lead “multiple” lives, often naturally neglect some areas of our lives. Often those that seem to go unseen will be the first to be neglected such as lingerie.

It is true that we are making a mistake to neglect this area. This area can be very charming.

fun and flirty elegant lingerie, sophisticated lingerie - Elegant bridal lingerie?

I’m inspired by a very beautiful lingerie drawer, filled with silk and lace and perfume sachets. Drawer liners, little sections, by colors, fabric, types for work, the gym, for everyday, for night time, or for that special evening.

It is true when you wear a beautiful set that fits you. You hold yourself up and you feel beautiful, confident.

elegant lingerie lace - Elegant bridal lingerie?

Oh the pretty colours of bits of ribbons and lace!

Elegant Lingerie, Sophisticated Lingerie

Your Lingerie Drawer: The Basics

If you wear white often like me, you’ll need at least two to three sets of nude color.

Nevertheless, nude sets are particularly useful especially if you want to get dressed quickly.

You’ll need a very good strapless for all those evening events. You’ll also need a good dark or black set for when you wear dark colors – otherwise it will turn up in photos especially if your dress is made of a thin fabric.

There are other types such as a sports bra, the sticky gel like pads for a low back dress, a low back bra, a halter type neck bra etc.

Visit a good lingerie boutique and the experienced sales assistant should be able to help you out.

It is admirable for a woman to give much thought to undressing as she does to dressing.

elegant lingerie boutique, with many sophisticated lingerie styles- perfect for Elegant bridal lingerie.

Elegant Lingerie: Should they be matching?

Ideally, yes, but in this day and age and the many options of buying these garments a la carte, so I would recommend that they should be at least matching in color.

It is negligent and vulgar to wear clothes with visible undergarments.

There should no excuse dressing well underneath clothes. There are many good lingerie that suit different budgets that will make our undressed appearance and lingerie drawer more appealing.

Elegant Lingerie, Sophisticated Lingerie Ideas

Fun & Flirty lingerie

fun and flirty elegant lingerie, sophisticated lingerie

fun and flirty elegant lingerie, sophisticated lingerie

Elegant bridal lingerie make good bridal party/engagement gift presents (only if you know the bride very well!)

fun and flirty elegant lingerie, sophisticated lingerie

1920s Boue Soeurs Sophisticated Lingerie Dress

fun and flirty elegant lingerie, sophisticated lingerie

Lingerie in 1950s

fun and flirty elegant lingerie, sophisticated lingerie

Modern day sophisticated lingerie.

fun and flirty elegant lingerie, sophisticated lingerie

Thank you for reading this page about sophisticated lingerie!