“But I don’t wear make up?”

It is absurd that some girls are actually proud that they don’t bother to wear make up, that they don’t know how and do not care about their body. I highly doubt it is any of you, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page.

Unless you are extremely gorgeous without make up, I suggest its best to humble yourself to learn a thing or two and wear some, like the rest of us.

“Wearing make up is not really me”

Some highly intelligent girls who are simply too proud to do so because they view such activities as demeaning and are for “bimbos” only. Then, they also often wonder why men are not attracted to them.

Some think its attractive to be the opposite of what women naturally do, or are – who exhibit their girlish traits by being excited about make up and other “girly things”. So they almost act like tomboys, have the same boring hair, and never bothered to try to wear contact lenses.

Perhaps its a combination of wrong beliefs that they are unique and attractive by being so, laziness or a self-righteous attitude that people should appreciate their inner beauty and good heart that they are so. As the bible says, “Men looks (and women too) at the outward appearance.”

With the exception of women who are blessed with excellent skin, colour and hair, I suggest all women should at least wear a bit of make up, unless you are very 18 and under.

“How much make up ?”

It depends on how much you have to conceal, how pale you are. You want to aim for a fresh, natural look for the day so that you won’t get comments like, “You look tired.” or “Are you working too hard?”

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