About Elegantwoman.org

About Elegantwoman.org

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It has an ecommerce element which offers the convenience of shopping on elegantwoman.org. Worldwide shipping is free.

I sell ebooks, ecourses, and other small items inspired by a personal expression of elegance.

I am located in Singapore and my items are shipped out of Singapore.

USD is the main currency that we accept, though residents of Singapore may opt to pay either in USD or SGD.

Please feel free to email mail@elegantwoman.org if you have any questions.

On Elegantwoman.org

The Elegant Woman Story

The concept of The Elegant Woman (Elegantwoman.org) started many years ago, when I started collecting information about achieving elegance out of interest.

I bought a red leather bound journal in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia around 2003 and decided to collect pictures, notes, writings, articles from my research.

When I traveled, I enjoy taking the Elegant Woman’s leather journal with me as I was most inspired during trips.

However, lugging around that big leather bound journal measuring around eleven inches by eight inches and about four inches thick, was not an easy task. I then collected most of my notes in smaller journals and together they formed the foundations of Elegantwoman.org

Thinking of a better way to carry all those information, notes and scrap pages with me, I ventured into starting a website. Then I could always scan, add, type my notes as I get them, wherever I am!

I didn’t want a blog, because I had one already and I had difficulty finding my old posts or formatting it. (Back then, we didn’t have much options to customize a blog, unlike today.)

I’ve also worked with previous web designers in my jobs and I felt it was very difficult to add a page at the spur of a hat.

After doing some research, I stumbled upon a service provider, called SBI! (affiliate link), which promises a consolidated way and almost-as-easy-as-blogging way to put up a website. Honestly, I don’t know what in their order page or sales site made me sign up, but I was excited to have full control of my website project, instead of relying on web designers like I had in the past.

So on 25th of March, 2009, I created Elegantwoman.org

And since then, I’ve been collecting information, assembling my thoughts on Elegantwoman.org ever since!


We ship worldwide from Singapore. We operate online only, though local residents from Singapore may opt to pick up their purchases from our dance classes.

Our ballet classes are located in Singapore.

Registered/mailing address: (Note this is not a shop/showroom)
1092 Lower Delta Road #03-01/03 Singapore 169203


Bulk Custom Orders

We have supplied bulk/custom orders to notable companies and organizations:

  •  Singapore Dance Theatre (for personal use only, not affiliated with the company)
  •  Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
  •  2 dance schools in Singapore (p&c)
  •  1 ballet school in Japan (p&c)
  • Universal Ballet, Korea
  • Houston pre-professional program, USA
  • Boston Ballet, USA

For bulk custom orders, please email us at mail@balletlove.co

Ballet Classes & Workshops

Balletlove.co also serves a supporting site for adult ballet classes. It also serves as a contact point and info site for private ballet classes.

On occasion, we will post ballet articles that may be of interest to our readers on our blog.

We are also on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Available on Balletlove.co

Here is how we at Balletlove.co can help you with

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Supporting Dance Everywhere

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is for everyone


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us anytime


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 to dance at your own pace


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more than you can imagine


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